I’m Not Going to Chop Them Off!

Pet owners probably know the pain of this: trimming your dog’s toes.

Now, this isn’t limited to dogs.  When we had canaries we had to catch them and trim their little toesies, and I had to with my cat.

But Tundra, he’s CONVINCED that the clippers are going to take his toes off.

This is a two person, full bag of treats process.  USUALLY he gets kenneled enough that we just have the vet do them, but lately I’ve been home (no work) so I can watch him.

He gets two walks a day, which helps wear them down, but they still get long.

I was cuddling him on the couch and teasing his toes when I noticed his dew claws were HUGE.  Further examination showed that all of his toes needed trimming, like, now.

We have clippers.  We’ve read the how-to articles with illustrations.  We just have never actually done it.

I grabbed the clippers and an entire bag of teeth cleaning crunchies – they’re too expensive to give regularly but he loooooves them and how much they stink.

We got him lying down, and I held his elbow with one hand while offering treats with the other, and my husband caught his foot and did the trimming.

Basically it went ‘what a good boy!’, clip, treat, belly pets.  Rinse, repeat.  Lots of squirming involved too.

We did NOT cut too short – I’m pretty sure we didn’t cut enough.

He ate almost a third of the bag of treats.

Gonna call that a success though!

How do you trip your pets nails?   Do you have any tips or suggestions?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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