You’ve wandered onto my page, and as far as I’m concerned that’s wonderful!  You might not have intended to land here, so a quick breakdown:

My name is Renee Wittman, and I write Young Adult Fantasy.  I work in my ‘Wetlander’ world and primarily focus on the DeNicola Family, their curse, and the various ways it impacts those who are chosen by said curse.  Things go poorly, as you would expect.  Because, really, if things didn’t go poorly, it wouldn’t make for interesting reading.

I love writing strong relationships between women, unconventional romances, and diverse characters.  What you end up with in life is a dice roll, so why shouldn’t fiction reflect that?

Regarding myself, I’m in my thirties, disabled, and happily married.  My husband and I have a spoiled rotton malamute, a not-quite-tiny house, and as of this morning a very battered garden.  Curse you Wisconsin weather!

I enjoy reading, writing (I would have to!), creating artwork, gaming, gardening, and occasionally spinning.  Not in circles, with a spinning wheel.  *smile*  You may hear about my efforts on this website because I want to reach out, share, and listen to advice if you have any.  Frankly, no one wants to hear about my daily word count, not even me.

So, welcome!  I’m happy to see you, and I hope you find something that fits your tastes here.