Lost and Found

In a flooded and struggling world, an obsessed mother, Elaine, finds herself once again poverty-stricken and living on the streets during her endless quest to rescue her lost daughter.

What was personal at the start is now life shattering when she discovers Kitty, Bree’s affluent captor, is experimenting on her while she develops a ‘cure’ for the virulent Berserker Virus… one that grants endless youth to the cured.

Battered and fearing that Kitty’s biological experiments will result in the teen’s death, Elaine accepts help from a stranger, Mitch, unaware that she has triggered his family’s curse.  For any of the DeNicolas to survive it, they needs nothing less than their Chosen’s unfeigned love, regardless of their own opinions of him or her.

Mitch can’t stand Elaine, but he’ll do anything to live.

After he helps her kidnap Bree, they discover the teen doesn’t want to be ‘rescued’ from who she believes is her real mother. As they contend with their resentful prisoner and try to figure out how to stop Kitty from producing her socially harmful ‘cure’ for the Berserker Virus, time runs short and tempers run shorter.

Will Mitch gain Elaine’s love?  Or will he suffer the death every member of his family fears?  And is Elaine the heroine?

Or the villain?