So, about me!

I was born at the tail end of Generation X, and depending on how you split it I could be Gen X or Millennial.  I live in the Rivers and Bluffs area of WI, and my job is to do resumes and help other folks get jobs.

I am disabled, and I am likely to talk about this periodically so here it is: I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and rapid-cycling Bipolar I.  I also herniated a disc in my back (L5), and this severely limits my lifting and bending.  (2/10 Do Not Recommend)  I am unlikely to have kids as the risk for me is high, and I absolutely do NOT want to give my disorders to someone else!

I’ve begun a ketogenic diet, something I may or may not mention in posts, but as I like sharing recipes it’s likely to come up.  I garden, although I’m terrible at it because once it gets hot and muggy enough I refuse to go outside and it seems that gardens need watering and weeding and stuff.

I’m married to a wonderful guy who is stubborn about not putting himself out on the Internet.  Which is unfortunate because he writes gorgeous music and he also beats the pants off other players in the rankings in various racing games.  But that’s his wish, so I’ll do my best to stick with what he wants.  He is self employed.  I’m told we are a sickeningly cute couple, and I suspect this is true.

I have a gorgeous malamute mix.  He may be a wolf-dog, but we don’t know for sure, and we’re unwilling to tag him with something that can get him killed.  He’s way too smart for his own good, way too cute for his own good, and mildly destructive, but he loves people of all ages and is friendly with other dogs.  He’s also a food thief, and we have NO food sitting out anywhere in our house for this reason.  I refuse to have Xylitol in the house despite it being wonderful for Keto foods.

I attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and I graduated with a BA in East Asian Area Studies.  I didn’t make the grade for the Japanese program, which was what I initially tried to major in.  Also, why did I think picking one of the hardest Japanese programs in the country was a good idea? *grimace*

I am a huge proponent of Dave Ramsey and The Simple Dollar website and of being frugal in general.  No one teaches this stuff in school, folks; we need to learn to manage our money!  I am also interested in self sufficiency and disaster preparedness.  But if you’re expecting me to have huge stores of food should the End of the World actually arrive like the preppers on TV… sorry, no such luck.  Keto doesn’t lend to keeping dry food stores, and I’m pretty sure that everything in my freezer will go bad if it melts.  Try elsewhere.


And that’s all there is off the top of my head about me!