On Deadline!

I'm on deadline to get my novel out to my proof readers, and it will be a tight time table. So... no posts this week! Sorry folks, I really don't want to have my proof readers set aside time and then not get them the book on time. Thank you!

Cherry Blossoms!

My garden isn't exactly Japan, but my cherry bushes have started blooming! They run the entire length of the garage, and there are a LOT of buds just waiting to blossom. I tried to get a good picture: A close up: So promising! Come on, spring! I can't wait!

600 Posts~!

When I started this blog, I thought I'd push for three posts a week and see how long I could manage to continue it. I set a schedule to help keep me accountable. I sit down every Sunday and schedule three posts for the week. They're posted Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5pm, which is kind … Continue reading 600 Posts~!

Tax Time!

It's THAT time of year, and we had our taxes prepared at our usual preparer's office, with the same person we've been seeing for... 10?... years. We always enjoy seeing her, and she likes us because we always have all the paperwork we need AND we pay quarterly so it's not a big bill. Our … Continue reading Tax Time!

It’s Time~!

According to my planting charts, it's time to start some of my plants indoors! Here's a quick rundown of the seeds I bought that I'll be starting. The tomatoes including two I did last year that did amazingly well and the stuffing tomato to try out. Ground cherry not included in this planting:: And then … Continue reading It’s Time~!


Why don't I remember to bring my camera with me when I go places?!? Whyyyyyy?!? We had a heavy snowfall here over two days, and this is the only photo I managed to take of it: This is the first evening. My husband beat me to the snow shoveling, which I wasn't surprised about because … Continue reading Snow~!

Boxes Galore!

I intend to go through some of what we have in the basement, so I ordered some shelves and bins from Menards to work with. The shipping was steep, but when I went to the nearest stores (I'm looking at you Wally World), the bins didn't even have handles, and the shelves wouldn't fit one … Continue reading Boxes Galore!

We Made Soap!

And by 'we', I mean my friend and her husband did almost all of the work because I'm freaked out by lye. Anyway, soap was made because my friends are amazing! We choose Raspberry Vanilla scent, and we went with purple, pink, and white colors. Then we almost forgot to dust the top with glitter, … Continue reading We Made Soap!