New Rugs!

Our flooring in our house is... rough. It's not even a proper floor. It's pine subfloor that someone varnished and tried to pass off as flooring. It's awful. It's driving splinters into our feet. I was looking at replacing it in January, and the estimated cost was going to be ~$3000. I checked now, and … Continue reading New Rugs!

Naysayers or not?

We've all heard the story. So and so was laughed at and discouraged from following their dreams, but they succeeded and now they've proven their naysayers wrong! Neener, neener, look at me now. We know this story. This is not my story. Literally NO ONE has discouraged me from trying to write and publish a … Continue reading Naysayers or not?


I'm reaching the end of the revision process, which means I'm writing the front and back matter for my novel. This includes the Dedication section, and I chose three people to include there. Unfortunately, they've all passed so I won't ever be able to press my book into their hands and tell them that I … Continue reading Dedications


In 2013, I herniated my L4 disc and bulged my L5. It was, hands down, the most painful thing that has ever happened to me. Lately, I've been having pain in my hip/butt area. I had a wellness exam coming up, so I waited for that. Today was that appointment. It's very painful if I'm … Continue reading Again?

12 Years~!

Today is the 12 year anniversary of my first date with my husband, the day we met each other. We'd talked back and forth through Messenger and things looked promising, so I had him over for dinner. We had tacos (spice like I like them!), and they made him so miserable because they just did … Continue reading 12 Years~!


I wanted to try painting watercolors from tubes, so I went and snagged all of my mom's watercolors and those of mine I left at her house. Hers... say watercolor on one side and tempra on the other so I don't know what, exactly, to think. I pulled the whites because lead - also because … Continue reading Watercolors?

Oh, Wisconsin

The weather changed here, and suddenly we were expecting a frost. I was like 'I've got this', and I pulled out the clear table clothes I ordered, the plastic hoops, garden stakes, and a hole punch. I trundled outside and carefully covered up all of my plants during the warmest part of the day. I … Continue reading Oh, Wisconsin