Biopsy Returned!

It's NOT cancer. *confetti* The first biopsy didn't have enough 'good' tissue for a clear biopsy and came out inconclusive. This one is perfectly clear. NOT cancer. So not only is the surgery done, and I'm recovering well, but I know that it wasn't even cancer so I don't have to stress about anything they … Continue reading Biopsy Returned!

VTuber Fail

I decided to try making a Vtuber channel with my best friend, starting with the new End of Dragons expansion for Guild Wars 2. A week ago, we did a dry run to figure out how all of the equipment works. Saturday, we tried it, spending about three hours recording and working on the game. … Continue reading VTuber Fail

Loan Done

We finished up the paperwork for our home equity loan, which was a mess. The poor gentleman at our credit union had to do our forms four times over the weeks leading up to the signing, first because my estimate of house value was WAY low. The appraisal came in, and I found out my … Continue reading Loan Done

I Mades a Bread!

I've been experimenting with baking bread, and the last two were very dense, but edible. I checked my yeast, and it expired in 2017. Well then. Armed with fresh yeast and a cast iron bread pan, I tried again. It rose very nicely! I overcooked it by just a few minutes, so the top started … Continue reading I Mades a Bread!

Character Artwork

I loved the cover for book two SO much, and it was done by a different artist than book one, even though its the same studio. Here is a cut from it: So, for marketing materials I commissioned the same artist to do character portraits of the love interests. Can you guess who? It's Hakon! … Continue reading Character Artwork