Aasha Baasha

My in-laws have an dog named Aasha. She’s sweet and borky, but she doesn’t like other dogs, violently so. We always kennel Tundra when we go to see them. She’s old and tired. She has some form of pituitary cancer, but they can’t do anything about it. She drinks and drinks and drinks but then … Continue reading Aasha Baasha

Writing Trackers

Are you an author? Forget all the snobby definitions of what you Must Have To Be An Author. If you write, you're an author, and if you write more than once in a blue moon, a writing tracker is a HUGE HELP. For years, I've fumbled along with my excel spreadsheets, constantly breaking them, but … Continue reading Writing Trackers


Super short post because of the holiday, but the company who runs 4thewords? I messaged them tearfully to ask if there was any way to recover the words I overwrote. I included the gist of the first line just in case they were able to look. No response. BUT!!! I sat down to use the … Continue reading Huzzah!