Our electric snowblower's cord frayed, and then it hit a rock or something and deformed, and it was going to be expensive to fix. Plus, it never really worked well since it didn't have enough weight to dig down into the snow. One of my friends sold me her old one, so we're set for … Continue reading Snowblower!

We Lost the Crossbeak Chick

I'm upset, my husband's upset, but I can't change it. Her beak by the end was at a 90 degree angle with itself, and I couldn't keep enough water and soaked feed in her. ;_; She's buried under one of our flowering bushes.

All the Birthdays!

It is once again birthday season in our family. Me, my mom, my father-in-law, my FIL's dad. The last person has passed so we don't celebrate, but the rest of us had fun this weekend and today! So happy birthday to all of us! Graphic from Deposit Photos.

Garden Update

Just a photo dump garden update. Lots of weeds, so ignore those. Dill: Chives and buckwheat. One year old grapes on the left, with bunches! New grapes buried in the weeds, so I need to clear that out. Perpetual spinach, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers. Blackberries. Overview from the outside.


Ya'll, the time is here. My baby chicks have arrived! They hatched on Monday and arrived Tuesday. First, their temporary enclosure: A close up of the heater/water/food. And the thing you've been waiting for. I took TONS of video, but that's a pain to upload here, so here are some stills. Nine chickens! And of … Continue reading CHICKENS!

Release Schedule

This is just me setting up a reader guide infographic for those who might be interested and providing a publishing schedule so you all know what's what. I have two books releasing this year. .'His Starbound Court' will come out (cross your fingers!) in September 2023.The rerelease of 'Still Water', now called 'Fae Fatale' will be … Continue reading Release Schedule

Replanted Hydroponics

I cleaned and replanted 7 of my 8 hydroponics kits. Yes. I have 8 of them. On with the photos! The last hydroponic has a still fruiting tomato plant, so I'm leaving it for now.

Peach Tree Might Not Make It

One of my peach trees isn't doing so well. There are the same number of leaves since I planted it in April, and they're the same size with no sign of growth. This is NOT promising. Any advice?

Editing His Starbound Court

I'm using Holly Lisle's 'How to Revise Your Novel' class again for revisions because it works SO well for how I think and sort data. This book goes to an editor in two weeks, so pushing hard!

Seems Legit

From my email today. Looks suuuuuper convincing. I just had a goof up in my taxes where I had failed to include one of the quarterly payments I made. They corrected my taxes but then stated I had to pay in full NOW instead of paying on it on my payment plan. So, that sucked. … Continue reading Seems Legit


I have discovered the joy that is vertigo. Had an appointment because it was alarming and new, appears to be benign. But for five or so days, it felt like the world was tilting beneath my feet complete with being off balance and nausea. I only felt okay laying down with my head to the … Continue reading Vertigo

His Starbound Court

Working title of this series is 'Girlie' or 'Anything for a home' or jokingly 'Fae aren't real and neither is this marriage', but I expect it to be three books. The first book is officially titled 'His Starbound Court', and I've done a blurb for it using Theodora Taylor's butter method in her class. Traveling … Continue reading His Starbound Court

Ream Subscription

I've been looking for a way to help pay for editing and covers on my books, and I dislike Patreon because they censor authors with erotic or 'too dark' of content. You need to have the author's direct link to their Patreon or you won't be able to find it to join! Note that I … Continue reading Ream Subscription

I Missed My 900 Posts Milestone!

So, yeah, I have made over NINE HUNDRED posts to this blog since I started it in 2017! I'm creeping up on ONE THOUSAND POSTS. Should I do a giveaway then? I should totally do a giveaway. What should I giveaway? Thoughts? Photo Credit kchungtw on Deposit Photos. Text was added in Canva.

Garden Update

All of my GreenStalks are up and filled, and we laid down ground tarp for where I'm going to put raised beds. Greenhouse has a new cover. This weekend it's time to fill beds!

Camp NaNoWriMo Win!

I revised the existing text for Girlie, now titled 'His Starbound Court' during NaNo this time. I actually finished on the 25th so early for once! Go me! I still have to write the last few scenes, but it's almost ready for the editor.

First Tomato of the Season!

No photo 'cuz I ate it. I have two tomato plants in my hydroponics kits, and the very first ripe tomato came out of them! I cut it in half, and half went to my puppers and half went to me. So good! That is all.

Putting a DogShell into My Outback

My husband's Subaru Legacy Sedan has had a DogShell in it for years, but we just put one in the back of my Outback. Tundra LOVES it. Looking it over before he settles in. Happy puppy! KODAK Digital Still Camera

Have I Been Trained?

As I've learned more about art AI, I've become more and more disenchanted with it, culminating in me canceling my MidJourney AI account. There have been many other people posting about the legalities and moralities, and they can say it better than I can, so I'm not going to rehash that here. What I am … Continue reading Have I Been Trained?

Friday Plants Post!

And some quick photos so you can see how well my plants are doing! This one shows my lavender just barely growing! The new plant on the left is a lemon tree. Lots of tomatoes growing! Two peach trees and a Honeycrisp! Spring can't come soon enough!

Stark Bros Shipments Arrived!

Stark Bros shipped EARLY this year, so I have a bunch of plants hiding in the house. Three temporarily potted trees: Grapes and blackberries: And a bunch I had to shove in the fridge to keep them dormant. Strawberries, asparagus, horseradish. Hurry up and spring, Wisconsin!

Seed Start Updates

This is a photo dump of all the seed starts and plants I have going right now. Started a variety of lettuces in the new hydroponics kits. The old hydroponics kits will be reworked in about two weeks to stagger the lettuce growing. The majority of my seed starts. Tomatoes, vanilla orchid, bay laurel, and … Continue reading Seed Start Updates

Cambell’s Bean and Bacon

I tried a copycat recipe for Campbell's Bean and Bacon soup, and now I must shout to the skies that it's both amazing and world's cheaper The original recipe is here at Comfort and Yum. You should give it a try!

Teriyaki Steak

When we first moved into our house, one of our housewarming gifts was a cookbook from Better Homes and Gardens. Lately my husband has been experimenting and learning new recipes, and he picked out a Teriyaki steak recipe from the cookbook, and it was absolutely amazing on the grill. The official recipe was 'Steak Teriyaki … Continue reading Teriyaki Steak

Purging Old Hobbies

I've started on cleaning the basement which is absolutely chock full of stuff. The majority of it is supplies for things I used to enjoy doing but haven't done in a decade. My husband has stuff in there too - he moved directly from his parents' house into the house we purchased. His mom was … Continue reading Purging Old Hobbies

Cleaning House

I discovered the world of vacuum sealed laundry and am packaging up all of my big linens that have been taking up space so I can store them in the basement. The bags came with a pump, but I have a vacuum cleaner that worked much better and much faster. I tried to initially use … Continue reading Cleaning House

Seed Starts Update

Just a photo dump of how things growing in my house are doing. The lettuce: A single grape start! Celery and eggplant. Peppers! Tomatoes. Onions and Leeks.

I Draw Men too, Honest

Gouache work! Here's the original sketch: Painted over. Yes, the original photo IS that desaturated. I'm not real happy with it, but I'm learning. His eyes are crooked. 🙁

I Might Have Pulled the Trigger on Chickens

Hatching date, July 24th. Gotta start hustling! Also, I deleted the meal maker chick repeatedly, but the site kept adding it. It's a 'give back to your community' chick I guess, which I was intending to do anyway, but there's no telling what type of chicken it will be!

Spring Fever!

Now, I've had all of my seeds purchased for a looooooong time, so I've been restricting myself on those. I mean, I ordered a lemon tree and bareroot strawberries, but those aren't seeds. I did order some Micro Dwarf tomatoes for my hydroponics kits though. Anyway, I'd like to start my grape seeds soon, so … Continue reading Spring Fever!

Gouache Practice – Forgot the Post It

More practice! I forgot to drop a post it to cover her chest in the photo though. The original sketch: And then the painted version: So, ignore the itty bitty amount of underboob there. The lighting on this one was hard, and the eye really fought me.

Hydroponics Update

Just some update photos on my hydroponics kits. My oldest planting, where I tried peas and a bunch of things. Only the lettuce really took off, and that's ready for cutting! The other two were planted in romaine lettuce, one with the covers, and one without. And the one without covers. With the price lettuce … Continue reading Hydroponics Update

A Sketch that Turned Out Well

I did some sketching over Christmas week, and I had one that turned out surprisingly well. Something about this one turned much better than my usual efforts. Something about the eyes maybe? Anyway, I'm proud of my efforts on this one, and I'll be painting it in gouache at some point along the way. *smile*

Bread Fail

This post is entirely for your amusement. I found that I had taken photos of the worst bread fail - the craggy mountain bread. I didn't think to take photos of the dripping bread, but this one looks worse at least. And the bottom: We had to cut out the paddle. So not only did … Continue reading Bread Fail

Year End Thoughts

This is my seventh year blogging we're going into, and I'm sitting at 860 and change posts thus far. I haven't gotten much traction, but I don't focus on any particular topic. Instead I just do life updates, which I'll admit are not that exciting. But I enjoy having this record of my life. It's … Continue reading Year End Thoughts

Got My Edits Back!

That prolonged squealing noise you hear is me. No need for alarm. I got 'Still Water' back from the editor! SO HAPPY! And, yes, I'm a weirdo who enjoys getting feedback so long as it's WRITTEN. In person is hard. On paper is fun.

Sketch Dump

I'm practicing painting gouache over existing drawings, but to do that I have to first have existing drawings! So, here are a few sketches I've done while working on how I want to sketch with these tools. Hamrib Art on YouTube gave me the inspiration. She does amazing gouache work over her pen sketches, and … Continue reading Sketch Dump

FEMA Does What Now?

A few of the preparedness types that I follow have been aggravated by a study done through Cornell University and FEMA. A study on preppers. First of all, here is the study in full. And here is a break down of interesting data from a prepper site. They point out some differences between the standard … Continue reading FEMA Does What Now?

What Should I Bring to the Food Pantry? 9 Essential Items You Wouldn’t Expect

I haven't always been financially stable. At my sickest, I was living off of the kindness of friends and the food pantry, and I remember vividly how hard that was. I also remember the ridiculous number of can of green beans I got every week. (Green beans have very few calories, and I can't eat … Continue reading What Should I Bring to the Food Pantry? 9 Essential Items You Wouldn’t Expect