Hose Reel

We've had JUST about enough of my dog getting tangled in the hose with his lead, so we finally folded and bought a hose reel. It's installed. It's hard for me to bend over and reel it up, BUT it's a lot harder to untangle and uncooperative dog from a hose. So, what do you … Continue reading Hose Reel

Biopsy Returned!

It's NOT cancer. *confetti* The first biopsy didn't have enough 'good' tissue for a clear biopsy and came out inconclusive. This one is perfectly clear. NOT cancer. So not only is the surgery done, and I'm recovering well, but I know that it wasn't even cancer so I don't have to stress about anything they … Continue reading Biopsy Returned!

Recovering Well!

This last week has been nothing but surgery recovery. I basically slept continuously Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, just waking up for medications and to drink or eat something. Those days are kind of a fog. I lost part of my stitches on Tuesday, which is not a surprise, and it's something I warned the surgeon … Continue reading Recovering Well!

VTuber Fail

I decided to try making a Vtuber channel with my best friend, starting with the new End of Dragons expansion for Guild Wars 2. A week ago, we did a dry run to figure out how all of the equipment works. Saturday, we tried it, spending about three hours recording and working on the game. … Continue reading VTuber Fail