Sketch Dump

I'm practicing painting gouache over existing drawings, but to do that I have to first have existing drawings! So, here are a few sketches I've done while working on how I want to sketch with these tools. Hamrib Art on YouTube gave me the inspiration. She does amazing gouache work over her pen sketches, and … Continue reading Sketch Dump

Booksy Ads

Taking my class, I ran across the idea of running ad promotions and the techniques involved. So I looked at the provided links, and it turns out that some of the popular platforms really aren't that expensive, Bargain Booksy for example, which is flagged on multiple lists as a 'buy whenever your 30 days waiting … Continue reading Booksy Ads

What Should I Bring to the Food Pantry? 9 Essential Items You Wouldn’t Expect

I haven't always been financially stable. At my sickest, I was living off of the kindness of friends and the food pantry, and I remember vividly how hard that was. I also remember the ridiculous number of can of green beans I got every week. (Green beans have very few calories, and I can't eat … Continue reading What Should I Bring to the Food Pantry? 9 Essential Items You Wouldn’t Expect

Amazon Ads

So... I'm taking a class on Amazon ads. And I dutifully did my homework and set up an ad and put it in for moderation. It was flagged for my book being EROTICA. Ya'll. Ya'll, you've seen my blog. You might have read my book. Can you visualize me writing erotica, much less sharing it … Continue reading Amazon Ads

800 Posts!

My blog has reached 800 posts as of this one, so yay me for being consistent! I have been posting since early 2017, three times a week, with only a handful of misses. All things considered I'm doing pretty well! So, yay me! *confetti*

Grow All the Things!

Friday garden update time! These pictures were actually taken on Sunday because I do my blog posts on Sunday, so they're delayed a week or so. BUT! Behold, my green thumb. In the greenhouse! Tea, sequoia, vanilla orchid, coffee, bay laurel, mint, some seedlings, and an aloe vera that has had just a tad too … Continue reading Grow All the Things!

Bank Aggravation

My debit card expires this month. I'd been waiting patiently for the new card, but it never arrived, and when I went to check the banking website this week, it says it should have arrived in May. There are no transactions I didn't recognize, and I don't activate a card until I'm holding it, so … Continue reading Bank Aggravation

Creative Update

I've been busy this last week, even if I was feeling pretty awful. I got TWO of Holly's How to Revise Your Novel lessons done: And I'm plugging along on lesson 8. And then, I've fallen in love with watching artists paint in gouache, so much so that my husband is getting me a set … Continue reading Creative Update

Hose Reel

We've had JUST about enough of my dog getting tangled in the hose with his lead, so we finally folded and bought a hose reel. It's installed. It's hard for me to bend over and reel it up, BUT it's a lot harder to untangle and uncooperative dog from a hose. So, what do you … Continue reading Hose Reel