Just a Silly

We finished Guild Wars 2, Path of Fire! So the griffon mount quests became available. And it was a total pain, but... GRIFFONS! We got the griffons for my husband and I! See: And showing the pretty pattern from above: Not really news, and just a silly, but I'm pretty happy. Do you play MMORPGs? … Continue reading Just a Silly

Home Safe!

My mom made it through her surgery and is home! She has a foot long incision down her hip that's glued shut with tape over it, but she said her pain went from an 8 to a 2 just from the relief of having the new joint. Huzzah! I was ridiculously worried about her to … Continue reading Home Safe!

Just Not Doing So Hot

Hey, so I'm in a downswing, my mom has a necessary major surgery coming up Tuesday, the world is stressful, there's a pandemic, and my 'can deal' gusto wimped out today. See you later this week, hopefully with good news about the surgery.

Just a Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peek at my editing. This is my second round of major edits, and I'm laying out what I plan to do next based on some feedback from my Beta readers and brainstorming with one of my closest friends. The first image is from Scrivener: The first round of edits are typed … Continue reading Just a Sneak Peek