We're going to a wedding, and I'm going to be wiped.  I usually do my posts on Sunday, and I just don't want to bank on being able to do that this time.  So, no posts this coming week.  See you again in a two weeks!  *smile*

Happy Birthday to Us~!

My mother, my father-in-law, my husband's grandfather, and I all have our birthdays in a two day period.  It's kind of crazy! I was my mother's birthday present. My father-in-law was his father's birthday present. So we've celebrated this week! *Smile*

Neil Gaiman and How My Best Friend Rode the Carousal at House on the Rock

If you're a Neil Gaiman fan, you probably heard about his event at the House on the Rock on Halloween in 2010.  They were celebrating  the tenth anniversary of his novel 'American Gods', I believe.  (No, not an affiliate link.  I'll tell you if it's an affiliate link.) Here's the thing.  My friends are HUGE … Continue reading Neil Gaiman and How My Best Friend Rode the Carousal at House on the Rock

Dog Sillies

So, when we have to kennel Tundra (which is rarely - he goes to work with my husband and pretty much everywhere with us), we give him a bone with peanut butter smeared on the inside. Which may require double dipping.  So we have our own peanut butter. To tell them apart, my husband draws … Continue reading Dog Sillies

Sloth Sillies

Just a silly for your amusement, but I bought sloth post it notes. They are SO CUTE. Look at that face.  How could you not love it? But that's a weird angle to be looking at it from.  It's like I'm behind it. Or perhaps it's on a mirror? Yes, we're a silly couple.  This … Continue reading Sloth Sillies