Amazon Ads

So... I'm taking a class on Amazon ads. And I dutifully did my homework and set up an ad and put it in for moderation. It was flagged for my book being EROTICA. Ya'll. Ya'll, you've seen my blog. You might have read my book. Can you visualize me writing erotica, much less sharing it … Continue reading Amazon Ads

800 Posts!

My blog has reached 800 posts as of this one, so yay me for being consistent! I have been posting since early 2017, three times a week, with only a handful of misses. All things considered I'm doing pretty well! So, yay me! *confetti*

Hose Reel

We've had JUST about enough of my dog getting tangled in the hose with his lead, so we finally folded and bought a hose reel. It's installed. It's hard for me to bend over and reel it up, BUT it's a lot harder to untangle and uncooperative dog from a hose. So, what do you … Continue reading Hose Reel

Straw Bale Disaster

This year, I'm straw bale gardening, because I want to grow a TON of potatoes. You know, because End of the World, and I like potatoes. My plan was straightforward: Buy straw balesEnlist help for physical labor.Pick up straw bales.Place straw bales.Condition straw.Profit.Me. And it was a disaster from the start. First, I could NOT … Continue reading Straw Bale Disaster