Losing My Job

I hadn't talked about this before, just thought about what would be appropriate to post.  I was definitely down the week I discovered this and didn't want to say something stupid or too down. I'll be losing my job in September.  It was limited term employment, but they were expecting to renew.  Instead, office politics … Continue reading Losing My Job

Goodbye Forester

Here's our last photo of our three cars together.  My husband's is the blue Subaru Legacy Sedan, my current car is the green Subaru Outback Wagon, and in the background is our sad Subaru Forester. The SF generation of Subaru's have problems with blowing head gaskets, which our lovely Forester did.  This was especially frustrating, … Continue reading Goodbye Forester

Interesting Things Just for You: Asian Boss YouTube Channel

Asian Boss is a channel that interviews in Asian on a variety of topics.  Some are asking the general public questions, and some are serious interviews with an expert on the topic. These are subtitled, and I feel they're both accessible and respectful to the people interviewed.  Quite a few of them are in Japanese, … Continue reading Interesting Things Just for You: Asian Boss YouTube Channel