Strawberry Season Has Begun!

I got home from my inlaws this Sunday to discover that a full handful of strawberries were ripe in my garden! Delightful. You'd better believe I ate those up, still warm from the sun! Lettuce is ready to harvest, and I have a variety of green peppers growing. It's getting exciting out there! Photos is … Continue reading Strawberry Season Has Begun!


I have discovered the joy that is vertigo. Had an appointment because it was alarming and new, appears to be benign. But for five or so days, it felt like the world was tilting beneath my feet complete with being off balance and nausea. I only felt okay laying down with my head to the … Continue reading Vertigo

I Missed My 900 Posts Milestone!

So, yeah, I have made over NINE HUNDRED posts to this blog since I started it in 2017! I'm creeping up on ONE THOUSAND POSTS. Should I do a giveaway then? I should totally do a giveaway. What should I giveaway? Thoughts? Photo Credit kchungtw on Deposit Photos. Text was added in Canva.