Want a Free Copy of My Novel?

Hey, ya'll. I did a thing. I figured out how to use BookFunnel! So, to test out my settings, I set up a giveaway in exchange for joining my newsletter. The way it SHOULD work is you put in your email, it collects it and sends an opt in email. Then when you opt in … Continue reading Want a Free Copy of My Novel?

Booksy Ads

Taking my class, I ran across the idea of running ad promotions and the techniques involved. So I looked at the provided links, and it turns out that some of the popular platforms really aren't that expensive, Bargain Booksy for example, which is flagged on multiple lists as a 'buy whenever your 30 days waiting … Continue reading Booksy Ads

Amazon Ads

So... I'm taking a class on Amazon ads. And I dutifully did my homework and set up an ad and put it in for moderation. It was flagged for my book being EROTICA. Ya'll. Ya'll, you've seen my blog. You might have read my book. Can you visualize me writing erotica, much less sharing it … Continue reading Amazon Ads