Booksy Ads

Taking my class, I ran across the idea of running ad promotions and the techniques involved.

So I looked at the provided links, and it turns out that some of the popular platforms really aren’t that expensive, Bargain Booksy for example, which is flagged on multiple lists as a ‘buy whenever your 30 days waiting period is up’.

So I looked into it.

They have 177,000 or so readers listed under fantasy paranormal. If even 1% of readers purchased my book at its discounted price, it would be a HUGE sale for me.

And it’s $45 to run an ad on it, so TODAY I’m running an ad!

Exciting, right?

I also signed up for a book of the day ad there on October 31st, which was the first day they had open for that. It falls beyond the required 30 days wait period, so I’m golden on that.

I had been advised to write a new synopsis for my book, so I did that in preparation to running ads.

What do you think?

Danita Morgan didn’t intend to drown her ex, but one restraining order and a cross-country move later, she’s starting over.

Driven to swim, she spends hours alone at the pool until her schedule is disrupted by finding the first drowning victim.

She’s pretty sure she didn’t do it.

Mostly sure.

Almost sure.

Then she starts high school and develops a different problem: three small town teens with easy smiles offering friendship and acceptance.

Dani can’t stand being touched, but these guys are willing to give her space, to give her time, to wait.

And she believes them.

Until Dani and her new guy friends go exploring in the Kickapoo River Valley and find things they shouldn’t.

Unbelievable things.

Dangerous things.

The bodies keep appearing, drowned far from the Wisconsin River’s treacherous depths.

Someone’s keeping secrets.

And even she knows her newfound friends are enticing targets.

Can Dani catch a murderous fae before her guys are next?

Deep in the Ocooch Mountains, where fairytales go to die, Danita Morgan is a target. She’s someone new — more than that, she’s something new, something no one else has quite seen before.

♥”Still Water” is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy that maintains a Clean and Sweet tone. This novel is a Slow Burn due to the age of the protagonist. A relationship with multiple love interests will develop over a planned series.♥

Here’s to hoping! Cross your fingers for me, ya’ll. *smile*

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