Editing His Starbound Court

I'm using Holly Lisle's 'How to Revise Your Novel' class again for revisions because it works SO well for how I think and sort data. This book goes to an editor in two weeks, so pushing hard!

His Starbound Court

Working title of this series is 'Girlie' or 'Anything for a home' or jokingly 'Fae aren't real and neither is this marriage', but I expect it to be three books. The first book is officially titled 'His Starbound Court', and I've done a blurb for it using Theodora Taylor's butter method in her class. Traveling … Continue reading His Starbound Court

Camp NaNoWriMo Win!

I revised the existing text for Girlie, now titled 'His Starbound Court' during NaNo this time. I actually finished on the 25th so early for once! Go me! I still have to write the last few scenes, but it's almost ready for the editor.