His Starbound Court

Working title of this series is ‘Girlie’ or ‘Anything for a home’ or jokingly ‘Fae aren’t real and neither is this marriage’, but I expect it to be three books.

The first book is officially titled ‘His Starbound Court‘, and I’ve done a blurb for it using Theodora Taylor’s butter method in her class.

Traveling on the orphan bus for months after the war took her parents, Stella would give anything for a home, and when she’s finally picked, she thinks she’s found a place to call her own.

At school, she’s one of many from the orphan bus, and she’s determined to make a go of it, but all too soon she’s a pawn in a game with too many players, all of whom covet her for their own selfish reasons, not for who she is.

This fae town has forgotten secrets, and Stella is one of them. Now that she’s resurfaced, the guys she married as a child want her back even as they resent her for upending their plans. Left behind years ago, she was safe, but now she’s a weakness they can’t afford and a love interest they don’t want.

So when she’s offered an out, Stella must decide. Cut all ties with the guys she married and walk away? Or take her place in the Starbound Court as Consort and fight at the side of guys she can’t stand?

What do you think? Do you have any feedback? And does it look like something you would want to read?