In Which Our Dog Was Not A Problem


(Or: How My Dog Behaved Himself For a Change)

So, we have a malamute mix, and his name is Tundra.  He’s a Very Pretty Boy, and he knows it and just basks in all the attention it gets him.  He thinks people exist to pet him, fawn on him, and give him treats.

True story.

We suspect there’s wolf in his ancestry, but that’s such a dicey thing to claim that we’d prefer not to find out for sure.  It would put his life in danger should he ever need to go through a shelter or rescue.  And, really?  Snow dogs ALL seem to look like wolves!

Besides, people have this irrational fear of wolf dogs, and we want none of that.

He’s extremely sweet tempered and playful… and entirely too smart for his own good.

Memorial Weekend, we brought him to a family  event (photos not included) somewhat against what the host preferred.  He had been there before, been left outside, and then acted up because ALL ALONE OMG SEPARATION ANXIETY!!1!  So the host, having a fine memory, was reluctant.

This time, though, he wasn’t left outside in the yard.  Instead, my husband had him on a leash at his side at all times… and he was as sweet as you please, mild mannered, and well behaved.  He lay at my husband’s feet and just soaked up all the attention he was getting from guests and had more than a few treats that snuck there way from people’s plates to his mouth.

So, he is invited back!  To us, we were pretty sure that his prior misbehaviors were because of his severe separation anxiety, and we were 95% certain that he wouldn’t be a problem if we were with him.

And he wasn’t.

He proved himself, and now we don’t have to have someone sit out at the car with him in the heat/cold just so he can be happy instead of howling incessantly and possibly summoning demons or whatever.

We’ll all be together instead.  *smile*

How does your pet deal with separation?  Are they cute?  Do you have photos?!?