Giveaway Complete!

My giveaway was inundated with bots, but I spent over an hour weeding them out and then generated a winner. They chose the gift card, and it's sent and received! I'm going to have to think of a different way to do this for the future. Congratulates to Amber P.! Graphic by Midjourney AI.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Black Friday, and while I don't shop on Black Friday, I do shop on Cyber Monday for online deals. I'll be hosting a take over this weekend at Reverse Harem Readers on Facebook - there will be prizes! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Image is from Midjourney AI.

I’m Mentioned in this Article!

They found me on reddit on a thread about medications and Mark Cuban's pharmacy - my main psych medication used to be $15,000 out of pocket for a three month supply. The same medication, as a generic, at Mark Cuban's is $39 for a three month supply. Here's the article in question: And for … Continue reading I’m Mentioned in this Article!