HB90 Is Complete and My Plans

I completed HB90 and have my quarter all set up, and I'm continuing Publish and Thrive. I'll be writing Girlie in November, and I think what I'll be doing with it is making it into 4 or 5 'shorter' books... short for me is easily 50,000 words.... writing and editing them all, and then I'll … Continue reading HB90 Is Complete and My Plans

Sketch Dump

I'm practicing painting gouache over existing drawings, but to do that I have to first have existing drawings! So, here are a few sketches I've done while working on how I want to sketch with these tools. Hamrib Art on YouTube gave me the inspiration. She does amazing gouache work over her pen sketches, and … Continue reading Sketch Dump

Booksy Ads

Taking my class, I ran across the idea of running ad promotions and the techniques involved. So I looked at the provided links, and it turns out that some of the popular platforms really aren't that expensive, Bargain Booksy for example, which is flagged on multiple lists as a 'buy whenever your 30 days waiting … Continue reading Booksy Ads