What Is It About High Schools?

I spent all of Thursday attending an event at a High School nearby, and it was so hard.   I was so uncomfortable and awkward, and you would think I had gotten over this in the last 15 years, but it made me feel really insecure.

Seriously,  the kids weren’t at all interested in me – I was just a bystander to them when much more interesting things were going on.

But the bells and cramped halls and sheer numbers of kids resonated so strongly with my high school days that I was very unhappy.

And I’m not saying I was unhappy in high school.  I was sick in high school, and I struggled with that, but that’s different.  I had amazing friends, and I loved learning.  But college was far, far better, and I loved it.

No, this was more the new kid just moved in feeling, you know what I mean?  I moved frequently as a kid, and it was the same nervous weight.


I thought I was past this!  I’m 33… come on already!

Are there any periods of your life that you tend to flash back to?  What was the happiest period of your life?  Inquiring minds want to know!