Sweater Machines!

I was recently gifted not one but TWO sweater machines!  One was my grandmother’s, the other is my aunt’s, and I’m very excited.

I have always wanted to knit, but my hands just don’t like it.  With the EDS, that’s not a surprise, but it has been very disappointed.  I’ve had a much easier time with spinning yarn, actually.

They came with a TON of stuff.


You can see the second sweater machine on the floor under my table.

Also, lots of patterns.


On the right, there’s a stack of ten or so pattern books.

I’m going to be terrible at this, at least at first, but I’m game for trying!  My aunt will be my first victim…

Also, the sweater styles I like are either HUGELY expensive or plain not available.  What is it with people not making cabled sweaters?  Just a plain colored cabled sweater?  Land’s End has them sometimes for a crazy price, but it’s frustrating.

Are you familiar with using a Sweater Machine?  Do you have any tips?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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