Really Now? Broken Down Again

You’ve probably gotten tired of hearing about my car, but I haven’t gotten tired of complaining about it.

This time, it started squealing and smoke came pouring out of the wheel well and out from under my hood.

So I pulled over and DID NOT open the hood because fire.  Instead I called for roadside assistance and for my dad to pick me up.

I’m really glad I called dad because I broke down at 3:30pm but didn’t get the call that a tow was coming from MADISON until 6pm.

From Madison, folks.

We live over two hours from Madison.

There are PLENTY of small tow companies here, so WHY did they choose one in Madison???

THEN they wouldn’t drop it off at the shop because it was closed and dropped it off in our driveway.

We had to pay for a second tow to get it to the shop.

Anyway, it went back to the shop and they looked it over.  It turned out to be a seal in the steering column that failed, dumping steering fluid onto the exhaust (hence the fire), and the squealing was an angry pump with no water.

The entire repair was about $1000, and we will pick it up on Wednesday.  (They’re closed Monday and Tuesday.)

As my mom put it, at this rate it will be in stellar shape because you’ve replaced all of it.


One thought on “Really Now? Broken Down Again

  1. Man, that sucks! I would be losing my mind! Between the repairs and the silliness with the tow companies, I would have checked out mentally and would be sitting nonverbal on my patio right now. Your mom has a great point – you should almost have a brand new car with all the parts you’ve had to replace!

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