I May Have a Tin Addiction

So this conversation happened recently:

Husband: Where is Lord of the Rings?
Me: What?
Husband: I want a bull dog clip
Me: That’s not lord of the rings, that’s the Lone Ranger
Husband: *retrieves appropriate tin*

I maaaybe have a tin storage addiction.  I have either 11 or 12 Lord of the Rings tins and lunchboxes, a small Long Ranger/Cheerios tin, and a Gundam Wing lunchbox.  Oh, and the Crayola tin I found when I pulled the tins for this photo.


This is great as far as I’m concerned – I put things in them.  My two lunch boxes are for sewing, my pencil tin for art pens.  It makes sense to me.

Unfortunately, anyone else staring at my tins has NO IDEA which is which and has to search them.  On top of this, they’re scattered through the house.

I haven’t bought any recently, so maybe I’m getting over it?

They’re just SO USEFUL though!

Do you have any tins or metal lunch boxes?  What type of things do you collect?  What’s the most useful storage item you have?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *Smile*