ITJFU: Hildegard von Blingin’ YouTube Channel

I saw this YouTube channel appear over and over in my friends’ feed on Facebook. Most of my friends are SCAdians and post interesting things all the time. I wasn’t initially interested in a Medieval version of these songs though, so I ignored it each time it popped up.

But I finally gave in and listened, and I was amazed. The one I love most is Pumped Up Kicks, and I listened to it over and over – the reworking of the lyrics is clever, and it’s a song I already liked.

If you want to listen, here’s her page:

youtube hildegard von blingin

She only has four songs so far, and the page has been up ~2 weeks.

Why is that an important detail?

Look at her follower count! If I ever needed proof that Scadians are plentiful, here it is. When I looked it was 226k followers. Today, when I took the screen capture, it’s 389k followers. Today is Sunday (I post in advance), just two days after I first looked at the page! I imagine it will be higher when you see this post.

Crazy, right? I’ve been blogging three times a week for almost three years, and I have 180 followers. Not 180k…. just 180. At least half of them are bots as far as I can tell, so that’s a bummer.

I looked, but there wasn’t an Amazon source for her songs, so I’ll just have to keep listening off her YouTube. I hope you enjoy her work!