Mint and Sage Soap!

I decided I wanted to give my father-in-law soap for his birthday.

Is this a spoiler? He doesn’t read my blog, so it’s probably okay.

Anywho, time to drag out the supplies!

DSCN4561 resize

I had some new colors and scents arrive earlier this week that I had been waiting for, so it was time to play with them.

And look what cute they included in my package:

DSCN4564 resize

An overview:

DSCN4565 resize

I used the same soap base and green colorant as before, but I added in Titanium dioxide and activated charcoal to the green to make colors. I used a Sage and Mint scented fragrance extract.

And here’s where my post fell apart – I was so busy running back and forth making the soap and trying to keep it from setting that I didn’t take any photos.

Here’s the final result though! In the mold:

DSCN4567 resize

There are six round molds I’m using as a gift, two rectangle molds I’m keeping, and one rectangle mold that was where I dumped all the left over soap.

Released from the molds:

DSCN4569 resize

The center is the actual green mica color, and you can see how I changed it’s appearance. Another look:

DSCN4571 resize

And of course, the extra soap:

DSCN4570 resize

It kind of had the dregs of the Titanium dioxide because I didn’t mix it well enough, and I just poured whatever was left of each color into it.

I’m still very basic at melt and pour. The best I’ve managed is cute molds and layers, but I’m sure I’ll improve over time. Royalty Soaps has been a huge inspiration for me, and for one of my friends too, because she did her own cold process soap this week using the Royalty Soaps starter course. So cool, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Do you like handmade soaps? What fragrances do you prefer? Do you make soap or have other fun crafts you do at home? I like soap because I can sort of justify it as a ‘useful’ hobby. *smile* Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Very nice. I hope he likes them. I know I liked the ones you made dad and I

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