EDS – Even I Can Tell Something’s Wrong Here

My mom began having hip pain and difficulties walking about three months ago, and it progressed so that she could barely stand even with a walker.

She was in a LOT of pain.

She had me check, and when I pressed where she said it hurt it went ‘crunch’.

Nothing in your hip should go ‘crunch’.

So she headed to her primary care doctor as soon as she could get in.

And this is what they found:


Ya’ll, even I can tell that ain’t right.

They called her to talk about the results before she even made it home.

The standing theory is that because EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) makes tissues weak, she wore the ball on her femur off.

She’s looking at surgery (actually, when you read this she will already have had the surgery), a total hip replacement. She’s had both knees replaced, but hip replacement is supposed to be less difficult.

Now, a hip replacement is considered a nonessential surgery, and with Covid they don’t want her going to a recovery nursing home. BUT… my parents’ house is handicap accessible, she’s a nurse, and she has people who can take care of her at home. Because of this, they’re going forward with the surgery.

She’s been in pain for SO LONG, and I’m crossing my fingers that this surgery turns out well. It’s stressful because with EDS any surgery is dangerous AND she’s going into a hospital that is treating Covid.

I’m a bundle of nerves.

She’ll have 8 weeks of recovery before she can even start PT. It’s SO easy for someone with EDS to tear out their stitches.

Nobody wants that!

She has a hospital bed set up in the living room, and now it’s just waiting. I’ve been really stressed about it – my husband has had to deal with a short temper and random tears. But we’re down to the wire.

Hoping it goes well! Love you, Mom.