Soap Making Shinies!

All I can say is that the Black Friday deals were killing me. I wanted SO MUCH stuff but I kept it down for the most part to Things I Actually Need.

For the most part. There’s two HUGE exceptions to that, but they’re for a later post.

Anyway, Nurture Soap had a sale on samples of mica and the small scent bottles, and I was DELIGHTED. This was… not a Thing I Actually Need.

Shame, shame, I know.

I’ve wanted to try making more melt and pour soap, but the large containers of mica are so expensive, and you are just kind of guessing at what the color will look like. There’s photos, but I think we all know how colors look different in real life opposed to through a monitor.

Same with the scents. I mean, they describe them, and you can sort of imagine them, but there’s no real way to know if you like one until you have it in hand to sniff.

So! I splurged on a bunch of $0.75 sample micas and $2.75 scents.

I wanted a broader array of colors. Right now I have green, purple, red, black, and white. Nothing else. I focused on the Vibrance series of micas because they’re supposed to be true to color and very bright.

Some more micas – somehow I accidently ordered the copper mica three times. How? A mystery. I definitely didn’t need three, but they lovely like fresh pennies:

You can see the one column is a repeat, and the three coppers are on the right. The far bottom right was a free sample they included, so thank you to Nurture Soaps!

And then the array of scents:

They all smell good or at least interesting, and I won’t know how good they are until the scent mellows with the soap rather than the fresh bite of scent from the bottle.

And, hey, to that Foxy Lady I know… yes, I bought this scent for you!

I’ll have to let you know how it goes! I’ll try to take photos, but sometimes soap making is going too fast to manage it well. I need more hands! Or an accommodating husband. *grin*

I’ll also be trying to hook up with a friend who is learning to make soap. Not just melt and pour but actual soap! Like, Royalty Soap inspired her, and she did their class, and she takes oil and lye and MAKES MAGICAL SOAP.

So, I’ll bring the micas and scents over to see her. That way she can see colors and smell scents to see if there’s anything she wants to pick up later.

What is your favorite scent? Do you like artisan soaps? Have you ever made soap? Inquiring minds want to know!