XP-Pen Tablet

This is not a surprise to me, considering I checked with my husband and ordered it, but I received a drawing tablet for Christmas!

THIS ONE to be exact.

XP-Pen is a brand that isn’t as popular, but I read quite a few reviews and watched artists on YouTube use it, so I felt fairly confident that it would work out. Plus it wouldn’t be NEARLY as expensive as a Wacom.

I love you Wacom, but I can’t afford your tablets, and I’m not going on a payment plan to get one.

A shiny photo of it still in the box:

It’s nice in that you draw directly on the screen rather than the type of tablet where you draw on the tablet but look at your monitor. Those can be hard to use and calibrate, and if I’m spending a decent amount of money I want to have a screen.


And, ya’ll, it’s BIG. Set up on its stand:

It duplicates your monitor screen, so you can see exactly what you’re doing, and the pen you use has no battery, so you don’t have to worry about keeping that up to date.

I didn’t choose a screen cover for it – there were a lot of complaints that it ruined the pressure sensitivity. Instead, the common suggestion was to buy a TON of the nibs for it, and as soon as one starts making scratchy sounds to replace it to keep it from damaging the screen.

I bought a bag for it but VASTLY underestimated the size! I ended up ordering a different bag that is being shipped, so I’ll have to wait a bit.

Have you worked with a drawing tablet? What are the pros and cons of the ones you’ve tried? Are there any you prefer? Inquiring minds want to know!