Masks for My Not-So-Little Brother

I’ve been making masks off and on as we need more of them, and the most common complaint is that they’re too tight.

They’re not too tight on me, but that’s just me.

So when my brother needed new ones, I experimented with the length of elastic on them.

On my usual masks, the elastic is 7 inches on each side – the same dimensions the original pattern called for. The fabric is 7 inches by 9 inches, and they’re made out of cotton fat quarters cut into six pieces.

This time, I made one mask with 7 1/2 inches on each side and another with 8 inches each side.

They turned out lovely:

The rainbow one is the larger of the two, and I’m really happy with how they came out. So I’ll have to have my brother check the sizing so I can see what works for him.

The back of the masks:

Don’t worry, the rainbow one has a plain blue back so it can be flipped over if need be, same with the other.

I have quite a bit of fabric now, and I’ve got making these masks down to an art. I’m not good at sewing, but one of these, precut, takes about 20 minutes for me.

Thank you to my grandmother and aunt who gifted me with the sewing machine and the desk set up I use it at. They’ve passed, but I remember them every time I sit down to sew.

They’re NOT fancy, molded masks.

They ARE masks that can easily be changed out between stores due to the sheer number of them, and they’re easy to wash and snap the folds back into place before they dry.

What do you think of the patterns? Suggestions? Inquiring minds want to know!