Dable Heating and Cooling – 10/10 Do Recommend!

Last night, at around 2am, the air conditioning failed.

There’s not much you can do at that time of night except work on a fine set of nerves, so I turned it all off, opened the windows, and went to bed.

I popped awake at ~8:30am and closed up the house to preserve the cool.

Then I googled A/C repair companies, all while frantically trying to figure out how I was going to pay for a whole new system. We have an emergency fund, but that’s not even half of what a replacement system would cost!

I found a company I recognized that worked reasonably nearby and at 9 decided it was late enough to call. I left a polite message saying that I knew it was a holiday – would you be able to come out on Monday?

Then I went and laid in front of the fan to stay cool and dozed off.

I woke to my phone ringing and groggily answered. The gentleman said he’d be over shortly!

He and his wife arrived at just after noon, and it turned out they were familiar with Tundra because they’d seen Baron walk him frequently and were very happy to love on him. I was worried we’d have to shut him up, but instead he got lots of pets.

The gentleman checked out the basement – furnace was good but we should use a smaller sized filter because the 3M filters run large.

Then he checked the thermostat. It was running fine.

Finally he went outside to investigate the A/C itself. His wife chatted with us, and shortly he was back inside.

It was a capacitor. He changed it out, and it cost $100 total. On a HOLIDAY!!!

Are you in Southwest Wisconsin? 10/10 do recommend this company. Dable Heating and Cooling!!!