Time for Some Change – Get the Scissors!

My hair had gotten to midback, and on Friday night it got pinned so badly beneath my husband that I cried while we tried to untangle because he didn’t wake up right away.

Plus I’m feeling awful… awful about my finances, awful about my mental health, awful about how much work I’m getting done and how much writing I’m doing.

Which, isn’t that when you get a make over?

I’m not so good at being girly, and since I work for family and need to look professional I should probably NOT dye my hair.

So I cut it all off instead.

And by ‘I’, I mean my husband did. He knelt in the bathtub while I sat on the lip and cut it straight across in the back. It was cold and windy out, so we did it in the bathroom.

When he was done there was enough lying on the porcelain to crochet a small dog.

Because we cut it straight with it all brushed back, the front is just a tad longer than the back, but it’s all just long enough to tie back into a ponytail and keep out of my face.

Do I have pictures?

Of course not, and I just washed it and am sitting in my PJs while I write the week’s blog posts, so no photos tonight.

But it feels a world lighter, and it just brushes my shoulders.

It won’t improve what I’m stressed about.

But it will keep me from waking up to my husband rolling on top of it!

2 thoughts on “Time for Some Change – Get the Scissors!

  1. I’ve been on the other end of the chair during my time as a hairdresser, and I have to admit, I’ve done more emotional makeovers than I care to admit. There were lots of reasons for them, but the end result was always the same, they always felt better after changing, like it’s catharsis, almost. I can totally imagine how your front can be longer than the back if you just chop it straight across. Almost brings back memories of my old job. Wishing you all the best, Renee.

    1. I almost always corner a random person to chop it off because I can’t see the back and it’s always in a ponytail.This probably makes hairdressers crazy, but my mom always did my hair growing up. I’m not picky. Plus, sitting and chatting with someone in my space while they work on my hair makes me crazy, no matter how sweet they are. But in Madison, WI they now have ‘silent chairs’. They were originally set up so autistic and nonverbal kids could choose to sit there and it would be clear they didn’t want small talk, but people loved it so much it’s all over the city now. Hasn’t reached out here though! 🙂

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