VTuber Fail

I decided to try making a Vtuber channel with my best friend, starting with the new End of Dragons expansion for Guild Wars 2.

A week ago, we did a dry run to figure out how all of the equipment works.

Saturday, we tried it, spending about three hours recording and working on the game.

It did not go as planned.

The first three videos we did had NO audio from my best friend! It was coming in my headphones while everything else was coming through the speakers so it didn’t record her.

The fourth one recorded her but NOT the game so it’s just us talking.

The fifth one FINALLY worked.

You’d think we’d just start over, but no. Not happening.


Because we CRASHED the game repeatedly. Everything from hanging repeatedly to, at one point, my character getting stuck INSIDE an object and unable to progress because she wasn’t able to move. Plus, disconnects.

It was really frustrating, but I’ll work with these recordings and see about putting them out.

I’ve already set up the channel, but I’m not sharing that until something’s up for ya’ll to look at. Keep in mind that, while this is me, this YouTube channel is technically NSFW due to language. There is definitely swearing, which is off ‘brand’ for me. We looked at trying not to swear, but it ended up inauthentic and stilted as I tried to squash the first words that popped out of my mouth, so I’m just going to have to live with having a NSFW YouTube channel and a Clean and Sweet book brand.

We’ll see how editing goes. *smile* I mean I COULD beep all the swearing out with birds chirping or something silly like that!