Time for the Quarterly Reset!

In September, I took Sarra Cannon’s HB90 course for managing time and realistic expectations, and I feel like it was a huge success for me. So, yes, this post is focused on her HB90 system, but there is no affiliate for me, and her course JUST closed today.

That said, it’s an amazing course and system, and I absolutely recommend you check her out. You can find her YouTube here, her blog posts on the HB90 system here, and the actual course, for when it opens next, here.

So, I’m setting up for the next quarter now.

I think my three big goals this quarter will be to produce an audiobook of Still Water, to revise Murky Water (now Fae Alchemy), and to revise Still Water in preparation for changing it into Fae Fatale and rereleasing. (Rest assured that I will be flagging the description so no one buys both books without knowing that one was revised into the other.)

This is a LOT.

Like, a lot, a lot.

So it’ll be a challenge to get everything done, but I think it’ll move me way forward in my publishing goals.

The big thing with HB90 is to have realistic expectations of what you can do. So often we set up our to do list such that an imaginary perfect self could maybe get it done… and when we don’t get it done we beat ourselves up.

Instead I’m looking critically at my time and energy levels and deciding what I can and can’t do this quarter. Things that don’t get focused on THIS quarter, will be done during a later quarter.

I know I’ll have to pad my time spent doing this for times when I’m sick or depressed, and being realistic about that this quarter has made a huge difference.

Anyway, I’ll be sitting down tonight and planning everything out. *smile*

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2 thoughts on “Time for the Quarterly Reset!

  1. I love Sarra’s HB90 course! It has such helpful information for how to plan and organize when you have a lot to accomplish. (And I’m so excited for when the release date for Fae Alchemy will be announced!)

    1. Sarra’s classes have been a HUGE help for me! And I can’t wait to finish putting up my Kanban board, but I still have sections on it from this quarters. So do I wait until New Years? Or do I shift them down and add the new ones? I saw someone suggest you keep them in the binder, but I think out of sight would make them out of mind.

      <3 <3 <3 Right now Fae Fatale is my primary revision for the 1st quarter, with Fae Alchemy starting immediately after. If I edit ~18,000 words of Fae Fatale a week, which isn't too bad of a push if I do a little every writing day, I'll have it ready for beta readers and then proof readers by the end of February, and then I can push on Alchemy. :D That will stretch into second quarter before hitting an editor for their feedback. I try to do as much as possible on my end first to save money.

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