Those Splints Cost HOW MUCH?

(And you LOST ONE?!?)


I had myself a mini-crisis yesterday.

You see, I wear Silver Ring Splints daily.  They look like this:


And this:


And I’m losing weight.

And losing weight makes my fingers smaller.

At some point yesterday, I lost THE MOST IMPORTANT splint, the pointer finger tip in my writing triad.  You know, the finger that takes all the pressure when you write by hand.


Kinda fuzzy, but there it is.

Normally, it’s easy to retrace my steps and figure out where it went.


But I was hypo-manic yesterday and cleaned ALL THE HOUSE!  Laundry, dishes, putting clutter away, the works.  Plus, I spent time at my parents’ house, and I gardened.

Recipe for DISASTER.

For almost three hours, I desperately searched through everything I had done, all to no avail.  Not so much as a sign that it may have been there.

Eventually I had to tearfully give up and go to bed for work.

This morning, half asleep, I unrolled a pair of socks, and something caught the light as it fell out and rolled past my foot.

Lo!  My splint was found!  I was so very excited that I woke my husband up JUST TO TELL HIM.

He was unimpressed.

And growly.

Everything has resolved itself, but that was a ton of unnecessary stress and angst.  I was NOT looking forward to explaining to my DVR counselor that I had lost a $300 splint!

Phew!  All is well.

Are you prone to losing rings?  How do you avoid it?  Have you ever lost one and NEVER FOUND IT?  That’s a horrifying thought!

One thought on “Those Splints Cost HOW MUCH?

  1. The ring splints help my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome too. They cut my hand pain by over 70% from hyper mobile joints. Love my splints but really hate to lose them. Glad you found yours. Kris

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