More on Tornadoes

I swear, not even two days after I scheduled my last tornado post, we had YET ANOTHER tornado warning.

This time, the weather was bad enough that I preemptively got under the table in the basement with the dog, (although my husband refused), and all the while it was going on we could hear wind gusting and stuff hitting the house.  There was also a giant CRACK! and a second smaller CRACK! which did nothing good for my nerves.

When things calmed, we discovered the big crack was 1/4 the neighbor’s tree coming down.   There’s no house on that lot now, so it didn’t harm anything, but it’s a huge tree.

The smaller crack was the neighbor’s tree on the other side losing a large chunk of it onto their roof.  I called his mom because he wasn’t home and I don’t have his number, and they came to check it out later in the evening.

As for tornadoes, a F1 Tornado hit a town nearby, about 15 miles from us, which is why we had the warning.  There’s a great deal of damage, but I haven’t heard of anyone being hurt, fortunately.

There was a great deal of rain all evening, and I found out later from my parents that their dry gulch had crested at about 8 feet with water sloshing up onto the bridge and backing up through the culverts into their yard.  Their basement, once more, has springs popping up out of the cracks in the floor, and the sump pump is running frequently because of it.

Seriously though, Wisconsin.  Please stop doing this.  You’re going to give me a heart attack!

How do you do during bad weather?  Do you have much where you are?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*