Good News at the Doctor’s!

I had an appointment with my primary care physician today, something I’ve been putting off for several months.   Not because i didn’t want to go, but because the timing was never quite right with work and my other appointments going on.  Usually these appointments are a time for me to complain about this or that thing that has been bothering me, but this time I had no complaints!

1.) My new pain med is working very well, at a low dose, and I’m no longer exhausted all of the time like I was on the old one.

2.) According to their scale, which just confirms mine, I’ve lost 20 lbs since the end of April!  I weighed in at 272 during the April appointment, but today I weighed in at 251.  Go  me!  😀

So she wanted discuss the diet I was doing (Keto), whether or not I could make it a lifestyle change (I am and I have) and not just a diet and what I might need to supplement with it. (Salt, Magnesium, Potassium)  She had no complaints about the diet itself, which from what I hear on the Keto groups I’m on is an oddity, but she was very supportive instead.

I explained that I especially like the fact that I no longer have cravings or emotional eating and how much of a difference this has made in my life.  It’s amazing!  But I will admit, the first three weeks with all the sugar/carb withdrawal I was a bit of a b***h on wheels.  Just all the rage and bad moods and sudden tears.   My poor husband.

But it got better after that, and so long as I’m staying below at least 50 carbs I don’t have an resurgences.  But the daily goal is 20.

My husband went to the appointment too, and he reminded me to have her check a suspicious mole on my arm.  She said it was probably fine but that I should take a photo with a ruler or coin next to it for comparison against future changes, which is a great idea.

And then we went food shopping which is one of my favorite things!  Years of being tight on money makes being able to buy a food or item when I want it a real pleasure.

Later we walked with Tundra, and three neighborhood boys came over to say hello.  They were pretty intimidated, but the youngest really liked Tundra, and of course Tundra ate up all the attention.  *smile*

How has your day been going?  Is the weather treating you well?  Do you also struggle with your weight?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*