I Have a Blood Splatter on My Wall

Why, you may wonder?

It all started while I was sitting at my desk surfing Facebook, and my left foot started to itch.  So I scratched.

And it itched more.

The itch spread until I was scratching a good half of my foot.

And then it started on my right foot in the front.

At first.

Then the back.

At this point I’m scratching like crazy and finally look down to see huge red blotches on my feet.

With raised welts.

A mosquito the size of a small bird drifted past my face.

I’ll admit I wasn’t very mature about it.  I yelled for a fly swatter and stalked it for a good ten minutes, swearing all the while, before I managed to swat it into mush.

And she left a tiny blood splatter on my wall.  This little snot had fed WELL and was full up on my blood.

It’s not really coming off either.  We have kind of powdery paint and while I wiped it up immediately I have a pale blotch on the wall.

UGH.  Not only am I miserable, not only am I irritated, but now I have a splotch to remind me of both of these things regularly!


How do you get rid of the annoying itch?  Do you have any tricks?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *scratchscratch*

One thought on “I Have a Blood Splatter on My Wall

  1. Well, if you haven’t scratched it all to hell, afterbite works great, mint tooth paste works as well, but if you have scratched, you can make a baking soda paste and put it on there think and let it dry that way.

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