COMIC REC: Stand Still, Stay Silent

Oh.  My.  God.

I am in LOVE with this comic!  Stand Still, Stay Silent is one of the best comics I’ve ever read, and if you even have the slightest trust in my judgement, you should drop by and take a peek!

stand still stay silent GO THERE

I mean how could you not love the muted color scheme used?  It’s GORGEOUS.  Every page is beautifully balanced and just a pleasure to look at.

The first section is prelude – the response to a horrid, rapidly spreading plague, told in a variety of people’s Point of View.  Then it gets to the meat of the story!  Centuries? later, a desperate exploration of the ruined lands in search of books/knowledge…

And they aren’t alone.

So check it out!  I totally vouch for the awesome waiting for you, and the author is CLEVER.  *smile*

Not into webcomics online?  You can get the book HERE!  I’ll admit I’ve been begging for it for every major holiday for over two years now!