High Point of My Dog’s Day

I mentioned that my dad had come over to look at our plumbing.

Well, what I didn’t mention is that he brought my mom’s retired service dog with him so she could get out of the house.  Her best buddy, Jacob, recently died (mentioned his health issues here), and she would have been left home alone while he and my mom went out.  Mom can’t bring her out anymore because her vision has gone, so she can’t work anymore, and Mariah has been upset when she gets left behind.

So today he brought her with him!  Now Mariah has been to our house before, but she’s only ever been out back on the lead.

Today, she got to go INSIDE, and there was much joyous puppy chaos with her prancing about and our dog Tundra racing up and down the house.  She got to sniff all the rooms, and she even got to go in the basement.

And this is where it got funny.

We finished up and all headed upstairs, but she was busy sniffing around and didn’t see us leave.  We called her from the top of the stairs, and she went running to us… and then past us and made six or seven laps of our basement.  (Our stairs are in the center, and you can walk in a circle around them.)

She couldn’t find the stairs!

We kept calling her and she got more and more excited, but no go.

Dad had to go back down after her and guide her up the stairs.

It makes sense.  She has poor eyesight, and it was a strange house, but we found her so endearing in her attempts to reach us.  The second time we went into the basement, she found us with no problem at all and followed us up the stairs.

Then BOTH dogs got to go outside on their leashes and explore our backyard!

So they had tons of fun, and it was a nice surprise to see her.

Do you have a dog?  Does your dog have puppy pals?  How often do they get to meet up?  Inquiring minds want to know! *smile*

2 thoughts on “High Point of My Dog’s Day

  1. I love when they prance and trot around! I have a dog but he isn’t really great with other puppies. I’m trying to socialize him but it’s hard to find others to “play”. It is so important.

  2. It takes so much work to socialize a dog! We tried to introduce Tundra to my mother-in-law’s dog, Aasha, but she is super defensive of my MIL and without fail attacks Tundra, and not in a playful way. We can’t bring Tundra over to their house, so he has to spend any time we visit kenneled, and we hate that! 🙁

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