Plumbing Issues or Why I Adore My Dad

My dad came over today to look at our plumbing problems, which is REALLY nice of him considering it isn’t his house.  Or his problem.

The water softener leak is between the bypass and the softener, so he pushed the bypass closed (believe me, I tried this!  Couldn’t budge it an inch.) and advised we check in 24 hours to see if it’s still leaking.  That might be enough to stop it for now, but the bypass is plastic and it probably won’t be a long term fix.

And he looked at our toilet.  Now, for some backstory, we’ve had problems flushing the toilet ever since we moved in.  My husband can sometimes manage it, but I never can, and considering I provide 90% of the poop inn this house (I swear!  It’s ridiculous… either I poop too much or he just doesn’t poop at all), it’s important that I be able to flush the toilet without running to him for help.

My parents have replaced one of their toilets and jokingly asked if we wanted the old one.

I said yes.

Of COURSE I said yes.

So dad looked at it today to see if it’s really necessary to replace it.  He poked around, flushed it, and conceded that it is in fact broken.  He says the innards in the back are fine, and it’s something wrong with the toilet itself.  So replacing it should help.

On the downside, our previous homeowner caulked the toilet to the floor.


I didn’t think that was a thing.  So now we have to brainstorm how to detach the toilet, and I’ll admit I’m inclined to just call a plumber!  But that’s money we don’t have.

So, inquiring minds want to know: have you done toilet work before?  What would your advice be?

5 thoughts on “Plumbing Issues or Why I Adore My Dad

  1. I was so impressed with my sister one day when she removed my toilet to put in a new floor. My husband is the fix it guy like your dad. He’s always very reluctant to hire someone and always insists on doing it himself. Also, I’d take the “new” toilet too. I bet its easy to install………says someone who has no idea the involvement of it.

    1. New flooring… that’s intimidating. We’re so cheap! If we hired fixes for everything that broke we’d have no money at all. I wish I were more of a fix it person, but my fix it skills are more related to sewing and crafts than house repairs.

      1. Yeah, I get it! The flooring wasn’t that difficult though my sister is really good at that kind of stuff and does look at tutorials on youtube 🙂 LOL

  2. You should be able to cut through the caulking with a exacto knife

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