Guest~! In Which a High School Friend Visits Me

Friday, I had a friend from high school visit!  I didn’t have a lot of advance warning, but I’m always happy to see her.

I was a bit grumpy when I got home though.  A customer had kept me ten minutes late after work, my oil light went off so I had to stop and put oil in my car, it was raining, misty, and foggy so driving was horrid, and I ended up behind someone going 40 mph in a 55 zone.

Seriously.  It wasn’t even freezing, just wet.  What are they going to do when it snows?!?

It wasn’t safe enough weather to pass though, and I didn’t want to risk hitting one of the MANY cars without their lights on, so I had to wait until they took a county road off to the right and I could speed up.

No lights on a TON of cars.  Come on, folks.  If your wipers are running, your lights should be on.  That’s the law.  And, I don’t know, if it’s DARK OUT, your lights should be on!  Just because you can see well enough to drive doesn’t mean other drivers can see you.  /rant

But anyway, my friend visited!  She’s in town for deer hunting, and I made dinner for us, and we ended up playing video games and watching Game Grumps.  It was a lot of fun! I was sad to see her go at 9pm, but she had to get up early for hunting.

And I’m glad she didn’t seem too bothered by my grumping.

Tundra was good when she came in too, and he didn’t even jump on her, just leaned up against her legs and begged for petting.  *smile*

It was a mellow evening, and I’m so glad she stopped by.  I almost never get to talk to her because I’m afraid of calling her when she’s asleep, and she’s on a rotating shift.  Hopefully she’ll retrain soon and get away from that.  I hope so!

Plus, she lives in California, and that’s a hike.

She’ll be making her rounds to see all of her friends and family in the area, so I probably won’t get a chance to see her again.  *sadface*

She did stop by and see my parents on Thursday.  They get along really well, and they’re always excited to see her!

Did your friends scatter after high school or college?  How do you keep up with them?  Inquiring minds want to know!