Tooth Drilling Success?

I had my teeth worked on Wednesday, and it wasn’t bad at all.

I mean, they had to inject five times for one of them (FIVE TIMES), because it kept wearing off and I could feel it enough to try to levitate out of my seat, but that was the complicated one where the tooth was cracked.

The other was a single injection and no problem at all.

So my teeth are fixed!

Even just a few days later, I’m already having an easier time with hot and cold foods, so I’m really glad I did this.

The dentist was wonderful, and we ended up talking about how difficult learning Japanese is.  Her family is Japanese, and she tried to learn it in college, but dropped after two semesters.

I don’t blame here!  It isn’t easy.

But overall this wasn’t a bad experience, and I made my husband schedule to get his teeth worked on next.

Success! *smile*