Holiday Shopping: COMPLETE

Are you done with your Holiday Shopping?  Because I’m done!  GO ME!

I actually did all of my shopping online this year, and the last package has arrived!  Now I just have to wrap them.

I bought more than usual this year because my mom and dad have to buy a septic tank and so can’t buy any… so I tried to get enough well thought out items to make it a good Christmas anyway.

So, I’m excited I don’t have to worry about this anymore!  I was concerned certain things wouldn’t arrive in time, but they’re all here!

And I may know what all of my presents are, but that’s okay.  *smile*

I started shopping in early November, which is actually really late for me believe it or not.  We always have a firm budget too so we don’t go overboard and have to charge things.

We have a few lights up but no other decorations… is that terrible?  We don’t like putting up a tree, and there’s no reason to when no one visits.

Are you done with your shopping?  When do you start buying presents?  Is it always a crisis for you?  Do you stick to a budget?

Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*