Vague But Amusing Work Things!

So, this will be somewhat vague because I try not to drag Real People into my posts, and I definitely try not to facilitate work drama.  BUT.  We had a regional Christmas Meeting last Friday!

We left the office to one of our partners who graciously agreed to keep an eye on things and serve any customers who might come in, and we headed out (at 7am, the horror!) to the main office in our district.  Three hour trip, and my hip was KILLING ME, but we got there and covered some paperwork and training type things.

One of my coworker is retiring due to health issues, and so everyone was teary when she got her length of service award and read a short note.

Another coworker got a length of service award, and she had jokingly told our boss she wanted a particular regional director  to give her the award because he’s cute.  Well, my boss arranged a phone call to him, and she was super embarrassed, but then he came in the door!  Everyone was surprised and laughing, and she was very red, but he was very nice about all of it.

Then, we went to lunch at a Mexican place – it was really an ethnic restaurant aimed towards that population rather than us, but my boss picked it because it was the only restaurant that had NO mushrooms on the menu to endanger me which was so nice of him!  The food was amazing, and several of my coworkers were fluent in Spanish so helped us decide what to order.

I got to chat with another newish employee who is ridiculously sweet and a few other people so that was a lot of fun.  I had sopas, which I had never heard of before but were amazing.

All seemed well… until I shifted and felt my pants tear!  It was a casual Friday, so I had worn jeans, and they had split all the way from under my butt to my inner thigh.  So I had to wait at the end for everyone else to get up, and my boss and the regional director tried to be polite and wait for me, but I had to be all ‘sorry, wardrobe malfunction, please go first.’  So that was SUPER EMBARRASSING.

And then I was fretting over it and annoyed my coworkers by talking too much about it which was even more embarrassing.

So that was fail.

But I had lovely left overs, and midway through the drive home my hip abruptly stopped hurting – my guess is a front was moving in and things settled, so that was a relief.

It was overall a very nice day though!  We only get to get together with the other office once a year, so it was fun.  Mostly I talk to these people through email.

So, hooray for a wonderful day!