New Cars and New Puppers

There’s a fair amount of excitement in our life right now.

My husband is looking at replacing his 1997 Subaru Legacy with something a great deal newer… by which I mean a 2001 Legacy or Outback.  So he has been watching Craigslist and carefully poring over listings.  We’re in the rare situation where the old car isn’t actually dead yet, so we can afford to be more careful about what we pick.

He’s been in contact with two sellers, and he will *hopefully* go and see one of the cars tomorrow.  It all depends on whether that car sells today.

So he’s excited and often talks about the details of the cars he’s looking at – I swear he’s a car encyclopedia!

And my parents, who lost their dog Jacob a few months ago, have decided that being an only dog is harming Mariah, so they have reached out to a few rescues about finding a male malamute.

So far there have been two responses – a bonded pair of Huskies who are 10 or 11 years old, or a male malamute who is about 4 months old.  Of course everyone is squee about the puppy… mostly because we’ve forgotten how much of a pain it is to have a puppy in the house!

I worry that he’ll be too high of energy for Mariah and that we’ll end up with a puppy at least part of the time in our house to give her a break.  Because when you adopt a dog, you can’t just give them back and be all ‘too bad, didn’t work out’.  You have to make it work out, because you’re harming that dog when you yank it around.  They need safety and security in their lives.

The two huskies are up in Door County, WI, but the puppy is in Texas.

Right?  It’s a haul.

I asked my husband if he would be interested in making a road trip to pick up a puppy, and he was all ‘of course!’ because he loves car trips.  *smile*

But puppies… puppies are SO DESTRUCTIVE, especially malamute puppies.  They call it malamutilation for a reason!  When Mariah was young, she chewed through the wallpaper and drywall in the kitchen all the way down to the open space in the wall and wiring.  And they have to be potty trained.   And I worry everyone will focus on how cute the puppy is and make Mariah and Tundra feel bad.

So, mixed feelings.  It’s up to my parents, and I know I would love playing with a puppy, but I think I’m becoming an adult… I don’t just see a rosy outcome in the short term.  Long term, it will probably be fine.

So that’s the excitement in our houses!  What have you been up to lately?  Do you have anything exciting going on?  Inquiring minds want to know!