Because All Camels Need Botox?

Okay, so this is just an article that simultaneously blew my mind this week and made me crack up.

It’s here.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.




RIGHT?  Who gives their CAMEL Botox?!?

It broke my brain a little, so I of course immediately posted on Facebook.  One of my friends pointed out that it’s likely that they do stuff like that to say, dogs in dog shows.  But I have never heard of something like this with a dog show.

And I’ll admit, I’m no judge of camel beauty, but how would that even help?

And wouldn’t the camel be MISERABLE?  It’s my understanding that Botox causes swelling (which makes it work), and if you’ve ever fallen and busted your lip, the swelling HURTS!

So, that’s my head scratch of the day!  Had you heard of this?  Have you heard of this in any other animal pageants?  Inquiring minds want to know!