A New Shelf in the Bathroom!

We’ve had a difficult time keeping our vanity clean because there’s so much stuff on it.  I cleared a lot off lately, but it’s still frustrating, and I’ve wanted a shelf in the bathroom for a long time.

This weekend, my husband put one in!  It was a bit intimidating drilling into plaster, but I taped it first, and we pre drilled so that the screws wouldn’t tear things up.  Here’s some photos!


It gives us a ton of space we didn’t have before.


And yes, that is a towel on the floor for a rug.  We’re kind of cheap, if you hadn’t already noticed.


I think it looks so nice!  I’m really pleased with how it came out.  And it was pure luck finding the under-hanging shelf.  Now my husband has his own space to put stuff that I can’t take over.  *smile*

What do you think?  It really makes more space in the room and uses up space that was wasted before.  We’re thinking about putting a towel rack underneath to hang our bath towels on over the heater.

And look how much more spacious the vanity is!


I’m so happy with it!  And it was cheap to put up so I didn’t have to feel bad about sinking a lot of money into the bathroom (that we don’t have).

Have you done any upgrades in your house lately?  What do you feel are the most cost effective upgrades?  What was your favorite change you made?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

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