Garden Planning!

I’ve been excited about gardening which is probably why it’s snowing right this minute and we have three or four inches on the ground.  But here are some photos of what I’m looking at.

First of all, I’m using this garden planner to help me out this year.  A close up of the spring side:


And a peak at it as a whole:


It you line the red line up with your date of average last frost, and it tells you when to plant!  It also has how far apart, how deep, how much sun, and companion plants as well as a range of when you can expect harvest!  It’s really nifty, and for $3 I didn’t feel too bad about trying it.

So, using this I set up a planting schedule with my planting dates on the calendar.  This weekend is obviously pushed back due to snow, but I’m excited.

And a picture of my plan:


I laminated it so I could use it outside, but it gives a rough idea of what I intend to plant where.  The bed on the far left is my cattle trough and since it never drains properly, even with DOZENS of holes drilled in, I’m using it for rice this year.

The companion planting isn’t perfect, but it’s a start.

And then I saw this idea for sorting my seeds (I forget the source), and I have those all ready:


Alphabetical order!  It’s easy to find them and pull them out as I need them.  Then the empty packages go back in, and I can record at the end of the season what worked well.  I’ve never bothered before, so we’ll see how that works.

So excited for spring!  *smile*  What are your spring planting ideas?  Do you plant every year?  What works best for you in your growing space and climate?  Do you have any favorites?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Garden Planning!

  1. That’s a lot of seeds for a small space! Good idea to keep the seed packets for future reference.

    1. To be fair a lot of them are greens that I plan to replant for fall, and I have several that I am doubtful are any good. We’ll see how it goes! *smile*

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