Clever~! Or How To Garden In Style

My garden has… gotten out of hand.  For some reason, a strange type of grass has seeded in EVERYTHING, and I just couldn’t keep ahead of it.

Then a heat wave hit, and I was miserably sure the garden was a lost cause.  I just couldn’t stand the heat to try and deal with it.

Cue my father.

He says this isn’t HIS idea, but it is a clever idea.

He came over to help and brought his screen tent, minus the screens.  We set it up, moved it to shade the garden, and it was already a LOT easier.

Then I set up our heaviest blowing fan, and we were at least comfortable despite it being 95 degrees or so.  We just moved the tent and fan whenever we moved.

And so my garden was weeded!  I need to take some photos so you can see it.  *smile*

What hot weather gardening tricks do you have?

2 thoughts on “Clever~! Or How To Garden In Style

  1. I duct tape an umbrella to a pitch fork handle and stick it in the ground beside me to provide shade as I weed or pick. Easy to move and I can be in the middle of a border without it taking much space at all.

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