Baker Creek Order!

If you know me, you know I love ordering from Baker Creek (, and I have a brand new order for the spring! Corn that isn't sweet corn and can be ground into flour. For dry bean use, and I'm going to try planting some pinto beans too. Amaranth! And this time I'll try to … Continue reading Baker Creek Order!

Garden Update!

We busted our tails this weekend to clean up and weed the garden this last weekend, so here are some photos! My squash are struggling and infested, so they don't look great. From one end of the garden: From the other end of the garden: The Greenstalks from one end: The other end: It's been … Continue reading Garden Update!

Cherry Pitting

I pitted my first batch of cherries, and let me tell you, if you want an axe murderer costume for Halloween? Pit some cherries. They're tiny little Nanking cherries, and I found that squeezing the pit out one side was the easiest way to work with them, but about every tenth cherry would squirt cherry … Continue reading Cherry Pitting