Work Training – Wisconsin Dells!

So,  I had to travel for a work training in the Wisconsin Dells recently, and of course this endlessly stressed me out.  I was told my husband couldn’t stay in the hotel room, but his parents lived close enough that he intended to drop me off and drive to their house.  I haven’t really traveled alone, so I wasn’t looking forward to this.

But first he drove me around the Dells just to give me an idea of what it’s like since I hadn’t been there.

That’s a lie, actually.  I worked with a Japanese Exchange Student group through YFU, and we went to Noah’s Ark.  But here’s the thing… all the girls started cycling at once, and a fair number weren’t willing to use tampons.  So they had to stay on the bus, and someone had to stay with them.  That someone?  Me.  We played Uso and talked for four or five hours and never got to see the park.

And being me, I hadn’t paid ANY attention driving up.

So driving around the Dells was a SHOCK.  I can’t even understand how this would be fun, you know?  Everything was overwhelming and stressed me out even though we were just driving through.

So, by the time we made it back to the hotel, I was beyond stressed and teary… so my husband and I went down to the desk to see if he could stay in the room with me and we could pay the difference.

And turns out it’s a flat rate for the room, so YES!

It was a nice hotel room, the nicest I had ever seen, with two beds and a fold out couch.  How many places did they expect me to sleep in one night?  But my husband stayed, and I was a lot less stressed the next morning when I got up.

Training itself was not a big deal, but the Dells keep sticking in my head.  Why would anyone want to put them through that much over-stimulation?  And everything wants you to spend, spend, spend… spend MORE.

I’m too cheap for that.

I will admit I got my husband a birthday present though!

Do you enjoy traveling to tourist traps like the Dells or do you prefer quieter places or staying home?  I’m a real homebody, really.  What do you do for vacations?  Inquiring minds want to know! *smile*