Exciting~! House on the Rock Here We Come

I have friends coming in from out of state shortly, and I’m super excited! I haven’t seen them in two or three years, and we rarely talk online. This is mostly my fault because I go to bed so early. They’re free later in the evening, so I miss them most nights.

One of them is a former housemate that I introduced to playing Dark Age of Camelot (MMORPG). In game, I made friends with a couple people in my Guild, and when one complained that no one ever visited her, I said that of course I would.

Me and my big mouth.

She lived in Montreal.

I lived in Wisconsin.

But my housemate and I got some money together in 2005 and drove the 20+ hour drive and during Spring Break. (I was in college, young and foolish.) And we met our gaming friends and stayed four or five days with them.  The snow chased us all the way there (Spring Break in Wisconsin, you know.)

And my housemate fell in love with one of the guys!  I barely saw her those few days, and he proposed before we left (although I didn’t find out right away).  We visited a second time a few months later, and then later that year she moved to Montreal.

Married the guy.

Had two adorable kids, the older of which I’m a godparent for.

Are still happily married.


I’m SO excited.  We’re planning to go to a local attraction, House on the Rock.  (Which has it’s own story with a different friend, but I’d have to ask her to post about it – it involves Neil Gaiman.)  But my husband has NEVER BEEN THERE.


How is this even possible?  He grew up in Madison!  House on the Rock is only 45 minutes away!

My friend’s family hasn’t been their either… I’m the only one.  So we’re all going together.

So, huzzah!

I’ll tell you more about it afterwards.  Unfortunately, House on the Rock doesn’t allow photos so there won’t be any to show. *sad*

Do you have any events coming up this summer that you’re looking forward to?  Family or friends visiting?  I’d love to hear about it!