Puppy Pool Paddle!

A local rescue had a Puppy Pool Paddle on Saturday, and we went!

What’s a Puppy Pool Paddle?  In short, they rent the local pool and invite dog owners to bring their fluffers, and then they let the dogs loose to play!

Here’s our boy, Tundra:

blog puppy paddle 02.jpg

He was SUPER well behaved and played so hard that he wore his pads raw and was limping today.

It was pretty well attended, but a lot of the dogs just ran in circles chasing each other through the grounds.

blog puppy paddle 01.jpg

I think the busiest part of the event had roughly 30 dogs out and playing!

And, yes, that’s my foot sticking out there.  I set myself up on a lounge and just watched.  My husband was careful to walk around with Tundra and keep an eye on him.  He probably looked like a helicopter doggie dad, but he didn’t want Tundra to hurt any of the other dogs.  Some were barely up to my calf!

They even had life guards watching out for the dogs!  People weren’t allowed in past their knees.

Tundra tried darting out into the deep end towards the beginning of the event and then flailed and panicked.  He was all ‘I CAN’T SWIM’ which was hilarious because his feet were still touching the bottom.  But he played chest deep after that.  *smile*

All faces blacked out as per usual.

Have you gone to event like this?  I’ll admit I was nervous at first, but it all turned out fine, and there weren’t any dog fights, just a few snarls that people quickly broke up.  Would you go to something like this?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*