Madison Flooded & Bunny News

Crossing my fingers for all of my Madison friends and family.  If you haven’t heard, they’ve flooded, and it will likely rain heavily tonight and tomorrow.  As of right now, my in-laws are still dry… but folks not even a half block down aren’t.

So this has caused no small amount of fretting and worrying here!

We’re especially stressed because my mother-in-law just had surgery for her aneurysm, and travel through the isthmus is restricted.

No photos for this one, sorry.  I’m not local to the problem.

But in good news, we’ve placed the bunny in a new home!  He/she (we never got around to gendering the bunny) now lives with a retired school teacher who had bunnies all through her teaching career.  Evidently, she had contacted the rescue we contacted a day before us looking for a bunny.  So, that’s a success!  *smile*