A Drone for His Birthday

My husband got a drone from his parents for his birthday!  This one in fact, and here’s a review of it.  No, that’s not an affiliate link.

He loves it.

He’s been flying it all around the house and in our house and in the basement and everywhere.

First thing though – the camera is not attached.

1. We don’t have a smart phone, so it wouldn’t work anyway.

2. We don’t want to aggravate our neighbors.

But he’s having a ton of fun with it!

He had a little helicopter before that he loved, but he couldn’t fly it in the house because Tundra would jump and try to eat it.  But the drone he seems to realize is not food.  He doesn’t like it flying over him, but he’ll watch it calmly… from a distance.

The little helicopter had a brush engine, and it was FOREVER dying, and it was CRAZY EXPENSIVE to buy a new one from China and get it shipped at ridiculous prices.  Then he had to solder it in place which was a pain.  There was no US distributor.

I don’t know if the drone has a brush engine or not, but it came with two extra motors straight up, and parts are available in the US.

And the drone is much more flexible… it’s rubbery material, so when it bounces off of stuff the blades are protected and it flexes.  So it has had some falls and impacts that would have destroyed the helicopter and came out of them fine.

But he’s so happy with it!  And it’s fun to watch, although I’m not particularly interested in trying it.  *smile*