Happy Birthday to My Husband

My husband has just turned 32!

He’s been in my life for 9 years… 9 years already!  And we’ve been married for almost 5 – just a few days until our anniversary.  We’ve both changed a ton in this time period.  I went from being a hot mess to being stable on my medications and holding a steady job.  He went from drifting college student to a career, a house, a dog, a wife.

It has been so very good for both of us.

It makes me wistful on these anniversaries and birthdays… our days together counting inexorably down.  I do my best to enjoy each one and not take him or our life for granted.

But he’s survived another turn around the sun.

So Happy Birthday to my husband!  Thank you for being in my life.  I love you!  *smile*